Thursday, February 23, 2012

There's no need to diet – just cut down on treats

I don't know about you, but I find it pretty much impossible to go on a diet. When you enjoy eating food and you're a fussy eater, there's nothing more difficult than trying to cut out all the things you love from your daily meals.

You don't really need to diet to lose weight and stay healthy though – you can just limit the amount of sweet treats and unhealthy snacks in order to do that.

Rather than starving yourself or embarking on the not-so-appetising cabbage soup diet, why not just reduce the number of chocolate bars you eat each week or just try to snack on crisps a bit less?

You might want to start taking your own lunch into work, made with homemade bread – then at least you'll know what ingredients and how much salt goes into making it.

Sandwiches are a fantastic thing to have at lunchtimes, as they're bound to fill you up properly and if you go for decent bread and healthy fillings, they'll help you lose some weight in the long term too.

Just take a look online at some sandwich recipes to get some inspiration, then put together the healthiest bits and pieces you can and presto, you've got a healthy snack for lunch!

If you need a sweet treat to get you through the day, fruit is definitely the way forward. Just stock up on some apples and bananas, or whatever else takes your fancy, and munch away whenever the moment takes you!

Nuts are another fantastic thing to have to hand, so long as there's very little salt on them – they'll tide you over to your next meal without a doubt!

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