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Channel Your Energies for Better Growth of Your Unborn Baby… Listen to music.

A woman undergoes several emotional and physical changes as she becomes conceive. Begetting life is certainly not an easy task. It is natural to feel anxious and comprehensive regarding pregnancy. So it is important to be safe. This safe mode however, sometimes takes away all joys from would be mother’s life and makes her feel low.

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Psychiatrists say there is a difference between being pregnant and being diseased which is often neglected by over protecting spouses and family members. Pregnant women are often treated like patients. Even after it has been acknowledge that exercise during pregnancy decreases labor complications, families do not let their expecting daughters work-out.

This treatment also has adverse effects on mental health of conceiving mothers, trapped in a room they think about their months and feel anxious. In order to ensure peace of mind to would be mothers, families add on to their agitations.

Doctor Erick Britson explains the over protective behavior of families as: “families don’t understand that thoughts are impulsive, it is tendency of human to think, and that’s how we exhaust body generated energy. No work does not mean no thoughts rather no work means an ideal state, which instead means a lot many thoughts. So rather than focusing on eliminating thoughts, they should direct energy of thoughts into positive and productive usage.”

Hence it is always healthy for a mother to indulge in things that affect baby’s growth positively. Meditation, reading some good books, listening to pregnancy tips music etc can be a productive channel for conceiving mothers to spend their energies on. In fact these are some channels that unborn babies also respond to. It has been observed that women pregnant with five month baby, listening to classical music like, pleasant ragas, Mozart and Tchaikovsky feel movements within, and babies respond to such tunes within months of their birth.

Music sooths the soul and so it helps expecting mothers to relax, it can be any taste and any music it works the same. Mothers prefer listening religious songs, jazz, country music, classical and easy listening. These are top five favorite of would be mommies.

Gestation period is long but it shouldn’t be monotonous, after all it is the time a women can endow all she wants to in her baby. Since what a mother does directly affects the baby and his tastes, listening music can be soothing, relaxing for the mother and also inspiring for her baby.

Although, choice of music depends on musical taste of mother, anything from classical, to jazz can be soothing for the soul. It gives tranquility to the mother and makes her journey towards attaining complete motherhood a cherished one.

Pregnancy is blissful, pregnant women should not be treated as patients, at conceiving they become highly charged up with emotions and undergo hormonal changes. With a lot of stuff happening on physical and mental front music helps them relaxing. It helps them stay positive about the whole thing.

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